My life, my way? No way, Jose.

Your twenties are your years to learn. To figure your sh*t out. To have your 'AH-HA!' moment/s. Or so they say. But why is a number, your age, so definitive to your life and its outcome? Why can't you realise one day that your life is or is not what you want. Irrespective of your … Continue reading My life, my way? No way, Jose.

Don’t Bullsh*t a Bullsh*tter

“I’m fine.” The biggest two worded lie ever spoken. It is such an automatic, generic response when queried about how you are feeling or why you are acting, speaking, talking or behaving in such a way. I will be honest - I am one of the biggest users of this lie. It is easier to … Continue reading Don’t Bullsh*t a Bullsh*tter