My life, my way? No way, Jose.

Your twenties are your years to learn. To figure your sh*t out. To have your ‘AH-HA!’ moment/s. Or so they say. But why is a number, your age, so definitive to your life and its outcome? Why can’t you realise one day that your life is or is not what you want. Irrespective of yourContinue reading “My life, my way? No way, Jose.”

I’ve been okay most of my life and that is no longer okay with me.

Originally posted on That Awkward Conversation –  Being someone that has mental health issues and an illness can be quite disparaging to say the least. Society teaches us that we are to put up our guards and create this façade of ‘okay’. Since when did okay become alright and acceptable? Okay is bland and boringContinue reading “I’ve been okay most of my life and that is no longer okay with me.”

Time to talk about everybody’s favourite ‘A-word’

I don’t hate anybody or any things really (rarely), but this, woah he’s a real b*tch or see you next Tuesday. I hate it. Anxiety is absolute bullsh*t. It is physically draining and can hit you like a tonne of bricks or can smash into you quicker than dropping your iphone on your face lying down.Continue reading “Time to talk about everybody’s favourite ‘A-word’”