Dating in 2018: Compulsory Dating References for Exes?

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be giving a reference, a physical “he is a really great guy” reference, for a man I once dated. But here we are.

Yep this legit happened. So sit down and strap yourself in kids, because this story is a dating doozy.

You see, social media, is such a beautiful thing. It is this really weird tool that connects people, albeit sometimes strangers. They can use it to meet up, post selfies, nudge each other (nostalgic MSN days), catfish each other (Instagram filters, editing tools etc), ‘date’ each other (flirt in the dm’s), then ultimately ignore each other. Obviously, being someone who works within the realms of social media, I froth social media. However, there are a lot of avenues on the web which I am not totally kosher with. So here I am, it is Monday afternoon, we are finishing up at work and someone who I do not know ‘slides into my dm’s’ (young kid, hip lingo) asking for a favour. Never did I ever predict what this favour would entail.

Let me set the scene – I went on a few dates with this person. We were introduced by a mutual friend who assured me he wasn’t a typical douche-canoe like every other breed of man I usually attract. And if I am being honest, to this day, he still isn’t in the same DC category as the others, but I’m sure that after a couple of sauvs I like to get creative with my wording so I am sure he has been painted ever-so lovingly to my girlfriends. Whoops.

Anyway, back on track. As most people who you are dating/not dating, we did the usual non-dating things such as dinners, lunches, breakfasts, sleepovers, meeting the housemates, meeting the friends, going out for drinks, you know typical NON-dating things.

Skip to now, I am going on with my day-to-day life and then out of nowhere, BAM, social media decides to be aid and abet an investigation into this man and he comes back into mine. Now please note, that we women, have specialised skills, much like Liam Neeson, if there is dirt to be dug on a dude whether we are dating them, our friend is, or our mums wants to; we will find it. Back to how I came into the investigation. It went a lil’ something like this –

“Hi Erin, I am doing some background intel and research on (BLAH). Can you confirm or deny that he is a nice guy or a douche-canoe?”

“Hmmm, interesting question (Insert name). How do you know him?”

“Oh hi! You know my friend (blank), she went on a date with him last week. I did some investigating (stalked his friends) and found you. Voila. Here we are. SPILL!”

So here we are. I’m sending through a paragraphed novel about this guy whose middle name to this day evades me, who re-introduced me to my interest in football (safe to report, it’s gone again) and paint him as a real-life oil painted Casanova, which he was. I cannot stress enough, nothing bad ever happened between this guy and I. It just didn’t work out. He’s a nice guy so I will gladly be honest and say nice things about him. I’m sure I could’ve said nothing and just blanked and pretended I didn’t know him or I could’ve acted like a scorned woman (not that there was anything to be scorned over).

But I didn’t. So, am I officially now an adult? Is this what my Nan was talking about when she said, “rise above it and be the bigger person”? I can almost guarantee that Nan did not think that that would be applied in a situation such as this, but again, here we are.

So is this what dating is? When you consciously un-couple (apparently this is VERY 2018. FYI – You don’t break up anymore) with someone should you do a de-brief? Should we create a universally recognised excel spreadsheet, a ‘tick or flick’ for once you get the flick?

Sidenote – I would like to add that I committed the CARDINAL of all sins (according to myself, I know everyone else loves it) and ate Salmon for this guy. Also, the salmon ruined my eggs benedict and jokes on you for having to pay the extra $3 for it and me not finishing my breakfast!

Second sidenote – actually the more I think of it, I am a pretty good rebound/prepper for the next best thing. Literally EVERY single one of my exes went on and got married and/or fell in love and/or moved to Europe after they dated me. So, any takers?


Xoxo matchmaker girl.

My life, my way? No way, Jose.

Your twenties are your years to learn. To figure your sh*t out. To have your ‘AH-HA!’ moment/s. Or so they say. But why is a number, your age, so definitive to your life and its outcome? Why can’t you realise one day that your life is or is not what you want. Irrespective of your DOB, age or this ‘number’. To me, I thought I always knew what I wanted. I fell into a career straight out of high school which saw me pull out of my university degree and just do the 9-5 and thought that this was it. How life was ‘meant’ to be. How my life was meant to be.

Slowly over time there was a burn (non-medical FYI) and a drive to do something more. To be something more. Whilst still working, I started looking at different ways to harness my passions and this creativity. I created an online business. It failed, dismally. But I kept persevering. I attempted to start an import company. This failed, shock horror. Almost every week, I was coming up with new ‘ah-ha’ idea and sharing them with my parents. The whole time I am sure, they were beginning to get concerned with my constant “more, more, more” attitude and drive. It must’ve been exhausting for them because it sure was for me.

Screen Shot 2018-05-20 at 16.15.34

It wasn’t until I went overseas in 2015 and had the opportunity for the first time in my life to truly be by myself with no external persuasions. I found myself on the other side of the world with no-one I knew. I was doing whatever I wanted and doing it whenever I wanted to do it. It was the scariest realisation and also the most profound of my life. It was whilst I was overseas I quit my job. I enrolled in University. I had decided my life as I was living it, currently, was not enough. To a lot of people, I am sure, I looked bat sh*t crazy. (I probably still do TBH). I was leaving a well paying, stable job, to do, well I didn’t have a plan. I didn’t know what I was doing. I quit my job without a new job to go to AKA I had no money and I was broke. But I knew I wasn’t happy. So I went about fixing it. I was heading for a breakdown and just knew I couldn’t do it anymore. I was no longer the naive young girl with the five million dreams; I had grown up. I was a woman, yes, but I had no f*cking idea what I was doing!

So of course, once I quit my job and questioned everything. I fell into such a depressive lull. People where asking me what I was doing, where I was going, how I was doing, what the big plan was. But I was numb. I had no answers to any of it. I felt stupid and worthless. I had f*cked up. Royally. I also knew I was about to in debt up to my eyeballs. I had also convinced myself I wouldn’t finish my degree.

What. The. F*ck.

Screen Shot 2018-05-20 at 16.16.43This pivotal moment is what led me to where I am now. Right now, today, I am surrounded, daily, but the most influential and positive role models I have ever met. My best friends, my muses, my shoulders to cry on, my fellow wine whingers, my gym buddies, my siblings, my parents, my friends who I have made as the moniker ‘Everything by Erin’, these people are my family. These people are my support network. These people are why I keep doing what I am doing. These people are why I have not quit and did not quit and will not quit.

Getting back to my original point, life is what you make it. Over the past two years I have grown as a person expo-f*cking-nentially. I get to meet like-minded individuals on a daily basis, I have developed my blog, my business and have nearly graduated university. I have done this. The woman who literally questioned EVERY aspect of her life. And still does. But I can do this. How do I know that? Because I’ve done it. And if I can do this, anyone can.

I’m not the person I once was. I don’t regret who I was, the things I have done in my past or the path that I chose. I am just different. I have grown. I have become my own person. I don’t follow crowds and I sure as sh*t don’t care about what people think of me anymore. I have my family, my mentors and my friends that have become my family.

Screen Shot 2018-05-20 at 16.15.10To the people who understand my drive, my grind, my passion and what I strive to do; thank you for sticking by me and loving me and supporting me. To the people who I have lost along the way because we’ve drifted or we are no longer connect; I’m sorry. But everything that I do in my life is for me. No-one else. For everyone who has supported me; thank you.

Watch. This. Space.

E x

Side note – All quotes in todays blog are provided by the EVER-SO smart and talented boss b*tch Colette Werden (insta is @colettewerden)



When life gives you lemons, do tequila shots*

When life gives you lemons, it’s usually best to make lemonade. So they say at least. But seriously, what the hell does this saying even mean? When everything turns to sh*t, am I meant to stop ALL my career aspirations and become a soft drink connoisseur? As much as a gal can dream, I don’t think this is what it meant. So in saying this, I would like to think that this phrase is something that we can faze out. Or at least try to do. Instead, lets coin a phrase so uplifting and spiritual, that when you say it you instantly think of the Queer Eye gents jumping up and down screaming, “YASSSS QUEEN.”

You see, this is the life I want to live.

Recently I have had a pretty rough time. Now, do not get me wrong, life is good, life has always been pretty good. There is nothing to categorically label certain situations or periods of time bad to make me feel this way. I have just felt numb, lost and confused AF I would say approximately AT LEAST seventy-five percent of the time for the past two or so months. Obviously, as someone who goes through periods of angst and anxiety, this isn’t something I want to dwell on and definitely don’t try to, but my point is, you have to experience these literal down times to realise how good you have it usually. Focus on the good sh*t and drink your way through the bad sh*t. Just kidding. Or am I?

Personally, when I experience a sh*tty time in my life, I would much rather have an ‘ah-ha, yeah sh*t this sucks’ moment, listen to some Adele, have a cry, and then move on. Yeah, yeah I know. Easier said than done. Trust me, I know it is. But you see when your life takes a turn in any direction, other than what you’ve hoped, prayed, wished etc., it is a lot easier to go looking for blame rather than just dealing with it.

You get fired? Go get drunk. You get dumped? Dye your hair and possibly get a nipple or two pierced (Can vouch that this isn’t the most sensible idea. Or so I’ve heard…). You realise your friendship group isn’t as strong or as click-y as it once was? You passive-aggressively tell them via your social media posts how ‘happy’ you are sans them (cue eyeroll x500). You see, these things as superficial or as earth-shattering and groundbreaking that they potentially are, these things, are just that, things. We need to focus on the things that really matter. Focus your energy onto the good people in your life, the good times in your life, your health, your family, your goals. Get rid of all the negative vibes because at the end of the day, they don’t matter.

Why is it that we notice almost instantly when things are heading bad, or have the potential to go bad but almost run, in the opposite direction to good things? Why is it we are so quick to judge ourselves and berate ourselves when things go badly but don’t celebrate when we have wins, however small they are.

The new week is upon on, focus on the wins. Even if they are so small and tiny and may seem insignificant. Focus on the things that build us up rather than tear us down. Focus on being happy rather than being an emotional wreck who cries because the bag of carrots you picked weren’t the freshest (I wish I had made this up). Focus on you and your happiness. That’s the most important part. Not the carrots.


Xoxo blonde buddha-like girl out.

*Obviously, if you are underage or cannot handle your alcohol (ahem, like me), don’t do shots. Bad life choices. Instant regrets.



Self-Love: Fall in love with yourself and your life

Originally created and posted for Miss Bliss Whole Foods Kitchen here.

Contrary to many Instagram posts, to me, self-love doesn’t mean running a bubble bath once a week with a bath bomb I definitely may or may not be able to afford. To me, realising that I already contain what I need for my own self-love was the biggest pivotal moment of all. This happiness and satisfaction of my accomplishments is the purest form of self-love. Sure, much like any other woman, some days I can look in the mirror and am really, really feeling myself and am so grateful for the life that I have. But let’s face it, on other days, the ‘off’ days, let’s just say it is a lot harder to see and believe these things. Self-doubt is a real doozy of a thing.

Now I know that being the ripe old age of twenty-five, I haven’t lived the longest or the most prosperous life, but to me, I’ve accomplished a lot of things. To me, falling in love with myself, my flaws, my personality, my life and what I have accomplished has been a long, drawn out and definitely a daunting process. I have travelled. I have loved. I have finished and re-started and almost re-finished studying. I have moved out and then back in and soon back out again. See, I have done these things. The reason I am so proud is that I’ve done these things on my own. To me, these accomplishments all contribute to my growing self-love and self-respect. I don’t want to come across up myself or egotistic but I genuinely love myself and you definitely should love yourself too.

To those who know me, I am naturally a very loud, positive and outgoing person. I will be your biggest supporter, advocate and confidante. I am constantly all for hearing new ideas and being a sounding board. So why is it when it comes to myself, I sometimes struggle? Sometimes is putting it delicately. Almost every time I have had an idea I internally shut it down because my self-worth has been so low. Only recently I recognised that this too is part of what self-love is. I listen to other peoples’ ideas and communicate with them on a positive and manifesting level but shun my own. Why? Because my self-love has been diminished previously. Once I realised that this was something I was automatically and subconsciously doing, it was A LOT of practice getting myself to stop. But I have stopped and my mental and physical health has improved tenfold. You see, self-doubt is and probably will always be one of my biggest hindrances. To everyone else, I was seen as this entrepreneurial ideas woman and to myself, all I saw (and sometimes still see) was a collective failure. Now this in no way shape or form is to be a pity party. I just want to highlight that everyone goes through things that shape themselves and we have to learn from this to ensure that we move ‘onwards and upwards’.

This self-growth and internal education is something that I am using as my motivation to better myself. I don’t strive to be better than anyone else. I strive to be better than who I was yesterday. Every day, I am learning. Every day, I am gaining an insight into the sort of woman I want to be. Ensuring that I nurture my happiness on a daily basis and being able to recognise when I may be suffering or have a decrease in my mood and happiness is of integral importance to me. And trust me, no-one wants an unhappy Erin. Absolutely no one. Not even me.  My biggest tip of all is to be confident. Being confident in yourself and your ability. When you are confident in yourself you can achieve anything. Okay, maybe not anything but you definitely can achieve A LOT.

My top five tips for self-love
 Keep a journal, either a physical book or notes in your phone. Record your daily adventures, this can be a keepsake momento to look back on and see all the amazing things you have achieved.

2. Find a hobby you enjoy and can do almost on the daily. For me, it is exercising. I find that by going to the gym daily I am releasing my daily stressors and also having a catch up session with many of my girlfriends.
3. If you don’t believe yourself, who can you trust? Talk to your best friend. Ask them their favourite things about you. You may be surprised by their responses.
4. “Treat yourself” is a lot more than a slogan saying from the movies. I treat myself at least once a week with a face mask, a hair treatment and a bath whilst reading my book. They may not be big things, but boy do they make me feel amazing.
5. Remember that you are human. We all have our good and our bad days. Next time, try and think, “if this was my friend, would I let them talk to themselves like this?”. The answer is blatantly obvious isn’t it? So go easy on yourself.

To channel my inner ‘Year Seven self’ definitely, Dream, Believe, Achieve. Self-doubt can be a real jerk but trust me, you have the power within yourself to overcome it. I am a big believer in the power of positive thinking and loving yourself. If you ever need that pep talk from someone other than yourself; I am only a DM, an email or a phone call away.

Be happy. Be unapologetically happy within yourself about your life, your accomplishments and your goals. In the wise words of a certain Canadian crooner; you should go and love yourself. Don’t ever forget that.

Here if you need. Love (yourself) always,

Erin x

New Years’ Resolutions cheat-sheet: instant happiness*

*happiness may or may not be instantaneous

Well, it is official, the first month of the new year is almost drawing to a close. It is easy to look back on 2017 and make one simple decision; do we repeat past ways (some may say mistakes), or do we pave new paths for ourselves? Ultimately these ‘resolutions’ we form, whether physical, financial or even sometimes emotional are what we use to guide us on the next 365 or so days of our journey.

With all the reflection that is occurring it is so easy to get lost on what really needs changing. For me, the whole purpose of a New Year’s resolution is to promote a positive change in my life. So in order to this, we have to identify aspects of our lives or environment that we want to be changed. It can be something as simple as learning to say thank you when you get your morning coffee or to make eye contact when you order your dinner. Resolutions and plans however trivial they may be, are just that; plans. You have to actively plan what you are doing and create ways and strategies to get what you want. Yeah of course sometimes plans don’t always pan out and that is also okay. (Hell if they did I would be a married mum of two by now and thank the LAWD that isn’t the case. Sidenote – all my plants are currently plastic, thank you IKEA. Another New Years Ressie not kept.)

Rather than tell you how to live your life and what to do, I thought I would merely suggest things that collectively we could all work towards to ensure that we all survive and make 2018 as positive and sane as we can.

So here is my freshly cultivated, no B-S list of things that need to remain FIRMLY in 2017.

  1. Being chicken sh*t. Now I know that this is A LOT easier said than done. But hey, if I can do it then so can you. Whether it be related to personal or professional  – carpe diem the crap out of life. You are never too young or too old to do anything. You wanna quit your job that you hate but keep because you don’t know how to resign? You are secretly in love with your best friends brother and have been since high school? You want to go back to university but you are in your mid-twenties and feel like you are too old? Now I am not trying to rip off everyone’s favourite shoe brand but for the love of Pete; just do it! Only you have the power to fix something so f*cking DO IT.
  2. Doing things for other people, not yourself. I am a big people pleaser. BIG. I love people coming to me and telling me their problems and wanting my advice. That stuff is what I live for. Well, I used to. You see the thing about constantly being other peoples soundboard is that when it came time to do things for myself or for me to talk about my feelings I felt like there was no-one there to listen. Obviously, this isn’t the case but I have learnt over time to not be so giving of myself to others who genuinely DNGAF about me.
  3. Sh*t relationships; sex, friends, family, work, just no. This is something I obviously don’t have to divulge too much on (hopefully?). It is quite easy just don’t fake it. Your sex, your friendships, your happiness, your work happiness. Don’t like it? Change it. Don’t live mediocrely. Life is way too short to be unhappy and stuck in sh*t circumstationships you don’t like. Yes, I made that word up. Deal with it.
  4. Bullying or just being a generally sh*t person. This is tied in with relationships. I don’t care if you are forty-six, twenty-six or sixteen (actually not sixteen, you are a child – stop reading); do not be a sh*t person. In a world that is so driven by (the false concept) of superiority and (also false) status quo, you don’t need to conform and in turn treat people like a POS just for self-vilification.  In the wise words of my Oma, “if you can’t say anything nice then don’t say anything at all.” Preach it Oms. If you do, you are not welcome in 2018. Back you go. Bye Felicia.
  5. Socks and sandals. Nuff’ said really. This is a legit no-brainer. I don’t care what Milan fashion week might be telling you in February. No! But in saying this, I am digging that everyone is more now than ever on board with the Birks. Go team!!

So here is to 2018. The new year, well what is left of it. A year for self-discovery and self-belief and most of all – a year where you do whatever you want to do because YOU want to. Not because you think you should do it, or because it will make you look good to other people. Do things for YOU not how you want to be perceived by the public, your partner, your (stalked) crush, your family or your nosey neighbour Sally who definitely keeps up with your life more than the Kardashians.

Do you (take this is whatever way you want), be you, be happy.

In the wise words of Rihanna – “Don’t let the bastards get you down. Turn it around…”

Erin x







Single and definitely not going to mingle

There is usually more often than not, one question, you are asked when you are single. It is something along the lines of ‘why are you single?’ or ‘are you out there looking?’ or my personal favourite, ‘there is literally millions of fish in the sea, why aren’t you looking?’ First of all Cheryl, the great big ocean full of fish you are describing, to me, is more like a dirty mud puddle that has been made after a hideously big 4×4 drove through it. And I am wearing white. It is a combo that just does not go together and we sure as hell should not force it.

Shout out to the singles who are legitimately looking for love. Obviously, I am not knocking singles because I know there is some that are pining for the one, looking for their prince charming, want to be swept off their feet etc. and that is completely their prerogative. It just isn’t something that everyone wants or needs. You do you boo. You decide If you are going to go out and smooch 5’000 toads over one weekend or just plant kisses on your dog all weekend (the latter is completely hypothetical I swear). That is all the beauty of being single kids.

“But how are you happy by yourself?” I know most people, myself included, has been happy either in their current relationship or a previous one. Like me, they’ve also probably been so angry with rage they wanted to break up then and there and would swear to stay single forever. In saying this, shouldn’t your own happiness be dictated by yourself, not other people? Being happy within yourself should be more important than what anyone else thinks of you. Period. 

Why aren’t these questions about their happiness or how their current life is not being dictated by a relationship? Now I am not saying that anyone is dating a tyrant or that relationships are similar to a dictatorship. I am simply highlighting the fact that sometimes it is nice to be alone. Shock horror. Mic drop. Plot twist. Some people, myself included, thoroughly enjoy being alone. The bed hogging, the lack of having to maintain their bodies unless they want to get some (don’t be a prude, we all know it’s true) is all a beautiful and blissful part of being single. So they call it marital bliss but why isn’t there a title for single? Other than the obvious spinster, cat lady, player or my absolute favourite, feminist. Why are these labels all negatives? From here on out, I would prefer to be called loveless legend rather than single.

But could you imagine if it was reversed? Cripes, all hell would break loose. Look at it this way, the next person to ask you, ‘why are you single?’, bluntly respond with ‘why are you in a relationship?’ and walk away. The same question just posed differently. Now a word of warning, after this has happened this person will most likely NOT stay in your life but cares there is like 7 billion others ya know? This is purely to prove my point. Do not say this to someone. In fact, I strongly advise against it.

So please whether you are male or female, young or old(er), channel your inner Samantha Jones/Sasha Fierce and be proud of being single, embrace it even.

So my advice is this: next time you are tempted to ask someone their dating history; do not do it unless you have seen them on Tinder and are keen on a cheeky smooch. Otherwise, you are soliciting for a verbal smackdown that is approved by yours truly. Everyone has a private life that is their own. Shock horror right?! We wouldn’t want other people in our business so don’t be in theirs.

Happy Tinder’ing kids!

PS – don’t drink and tinder. Might sound fun, but trust me, it isn’t. TRUST ME.

PPS – don’t drunkenly message your exes. AGAIN, TRUST ME.

Erin x

9 reasons why life would be easier if I were born a boy.

Now that may seem dramatic and drastic but it wasn’t until recently that I realised just how much emphasis there is on women relative to our beauty regimes, work outs, ‘goals’, the list is endless really. After speaking with my dad about my usual Thursday night tanning ritual it was brought to my attention just how much men don’t give a crap about that sort of thing. Although Beyoncé was right about how different things would be if she were a boy; her priorities were definitely out of-wack. Below is a list of carefully crafted things that would be much easier if we were born with male appendages.

  1. Fake tanning. We wouldn’t have to succumb to the usual Wednesday night full body/soul scrub down. Yes, Bondi Sands have made this a lot easier to undertake but it is still a tedious job which hurts my heart. If we were boys, we wouldn’t have to worry about fake tanning. If a dude is not tanned, he has a cute Edward Cullen-esque vampire vibe. If a girl isn’t fake tanned, we get asked if we are sick.
  2. Teeth whitening. I know that a lot of men also like to whiten their teeth but I feel like they aren’t defined by their pearly whites. Yeah, it’s a plus for them to have nice white teeth but have you seen how much red wine us females drink just on a week night?
  3. Shaving. Anything. Or laser. Or waxing. Or sugaring. If men have a hairy chest or armpit hair, it’s cute. If I have chest hair or armpit hair, it’s $39 per laser session. Pronto. I have actually had an ex-boyfriend pay for a laser hair removal package. He was completely un-prompted to buy that, so naturally not too sure why I was so ungrateful for his ‘thoughtful’ gesture. I have friends who have had men tell them that they need to sort out their hair, wherever on their body it may be. Um, men should just be grateful that they get to be close enough to a woman to see her body, let alone critique their hair. Also apparently now hair is back in? So FFS we cannot win.
  4. Going out. Anywhere. Anybody knows that you need to tell a woman to be somewhere AT LEAST 30 minutes prior to an actual kick-off time. A lot goes into our outfit, our hair, our make-up. We need time. Men can roll out of bed, sniff a shirt, throw it on and then leave whilst doing their hair with a clenched fist resembling a noogy on the way out of the door. If a woman did that, we are somewhat likened to a crack fiend or is that just me?
  5. Eating. Men can eat anything with ease. A burger with grease spilling out the sides and onto their shirt? No problem, challenge accepted. If women were to do this, hell would freeze over and a sonar radar would go off. The looks, the aw, the gaff. Ugh I can see it now.
  6. Exercising. One (hyphenated) word – camel-toe. What the hell is with that?! No matter what brand, how high, how short, how loose, how tight; always! It is inevitable. Guys throw a baggy muscle tee and some pants on and they are off. Girls with big boobs? Two sports bras please. No boobs? $70 for a sports bra with extra padding to make you not look like a boy (ahem, me. PSA – Please anyone, make cheaper padded bras?!). Too tall? Well, all full-length tights are going to be 7/8’s or 3/4’s on you (also me). For me, my workout gear is always black. No exceptions except maybe a sports bra here or there. Women will need the following: gym tights, seamless knickers, bra, top, jacket, towel, water bottle, shoes, headphones, headband (not me, but it’s a thing I’m sure). Even thinking about what to wear when exercising can cause excessive sweating and you haven’t even started exercising yet. Now to actually get to exercising. Women can do 5’000+ classes a week, lift minimum to maximum weights and still only see staggered results. Men? Well, all men need is ANY ol’ t-shirt, ANY ol’ pair of pants, whatever shoes are in their car and can consume beer and eat donuts and still have a 6 pack. Like I’m obviously not mad or jealous but how does that even work?
  7. Swearing and laughing. I will be the first to admit that when I laugh too hard or something is really hilarious I will snort. Fact. But this is not to be confused with the like of a cute little Babe the pig snort. When I snort it is a loud and deep guttural snort that resembles something a truck driver would do. Speaking of truck drivers; if a woman swears it is unladylike. If a man swears it is more acceptable than that if a woman did – WTF? I have been known to drop a few expletives here and there and I will not apologise. Except for that one time I screamed “F*CK!” at age seven when I went to stand up whilst sitting directly under the table. Idiot.
  8. Farting. Burping. Any bodily function. WHICH EVERYONE ON THE PLANET DOES. I will admit it; I am an adult when it comes to most things except farts. I think they are hilarious. Just thinking about it makes me cackle like a witch. But girls are almost in denial about it. Um, I am pretty sure we’ve all done it. If you haven’t, please do yourself a favour and go to the doctors ASAP. If a dude farts and it is rancid, it’s almost celebrated and cheered for amongst the fellas. If a girl does, it is mortifying and you are shunned.
  9. Sex. ‘Nuff said. Obviously, I don’t even need to go there, do I?

Obviously, this isn’t the only things that are an issue and I’ve met a lot of men who do a lot of the above things and they do it all A LOT better than me. I also know a lot of women who don’t GAF about the above. Especially number 8, that’s a big one…. You know, for my friends…

I’ve been okay most of my life and that is no longer okay with me.

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Being someone that has mental health issues and an illness can be quite disparaging to say the least. Society teaches us that we are to put up our guards and create this façade of ‘okay’. Since when did okay become alright and acceptable? Okay is bland and boring and doesn’t really say anything. Okay does not cut the mustard. If you were to ask someone how they are going and they respond with ‘okay’, you have wasted your question. It can be such a nothing word. And this nothing word has been a personal favourite of mine for a long time. My stress levels were okay. I had convinced myself that my eating habits or lack thereof were okay. I was only drinking and smoking socially and that was okay. I was making excuses for sh*tty relationships and sh*tty people but again, that was okay, because they made me feel okay. Cue alarm bells ringing! This was not okay and something had to be done and it was done and then suddenly just feeling okay didn’t mean anything to me anymore. This mundane four letter word almost became like every other four letter word; a ‘swear word’ and one I tried to not use too often. Except the word sh*t. I think that word is fab FYI!

Much like anyone else who also has anxiety, depression or any of the other forms of mental illness, you become accustomed to this feeling of nothingness and emptiness. It becomes a sort of security blanket. You are wrapped up so tightly by it you almost feel at any given moment it could just become too tight and swallow you up whole. For a brief moment this might not even feel like such a bad idea. You might go to bed wishing to not wake up, but you do the next day and so the cycle continues. For as long as it needs to and as long as you can push through with being just ‘okay’. I am in no way saying this is what it is like for everyone but this is me. Brutally honestly, me. For me anyway, it’s like this crazy rollercoaster it has its ups and its downs. You will go through a period were it’ll throw you upside down and you feel like you are going to puke and your eyeballs are going to fall out of your head. Then there will be a smooth ride, a brief transition where you feel as though everything is okay. But if high school science taught me anything, what goes up must come down. So you learn to cope. Your coping mechanism could be anything. Mine? My coping mechanism to dealing with losing grip on reality/everything is to turn to my best friend or a brief freak-out or what is now commonly dubbed the sh*t-fit. We might sh*t-fit with each other at least one if not twice a week. Yes, sometimes it isn’t for anything health related. It might be men related or sex related which I guess is men related too. It could be university related (in my case HIGHLY linked to mental health), gym related, family related etc. the list really is endless. This weekly catch up with him, to me, is far more therapeutic than anything else.

One thing that people say to do is take it day by day. Which is so true and something you can only do when you are ready. You can cry, sing, laugh, or snort your way through your story and telling it in whatever which way suits you. But be warned; people are impatient little things sometimes. When someone knows something is wrong they want to fix it. They want to fix you and make you feel like you’ve just ingested a big bowl of chicken soup. It is the hero complex and you’re kidding yourself if you don’t feel that way too. But be warned, there is NOTHING worse than someone trying to get something out of you BEFORE you are ready to tell them. I constantly have had people berating me, if not begging to be told what is wrong. The problem? Half the time, hell definitely more than half the time I don’t even know what is wrong. Why am I crying? No clue. Why am I suddenly the worlds’ most-laziest person (when I am usually exercising for over an hour a day) and eating my body weight in chocolate (when I already know I have a diary intolerance)? Hmm, not too sure on that one either. All I know is the ‘label’ of triggers is bullsh*t. They differ from person to person and boy oh boy do they differ within me too. They differ definitely weekly, if not almost daily. My anxiety stems from stress, I know this. Hell I am pretty sure even my dog knows it. But at least I know the trigger. But what does my stress manifest from? HA! It would be easier to write what it doesn’t come from. Originally my anxiety was triggered by my un-wavering and self-destructive relationship I had with my body perception and my sh*tty relationship with food. My body dysmorphia is still something to this day that gets me anxious and stresses me out but I know I don’t want to make myself sick again. I don’t want to be self-destructive because I honestly don’t think I would be able to handle it again the second time round. I know I am fit(-ish), healthy and can indulge in ‘naughty’ foods every now and then. I don’t punish myself for eating chocolate or having a drink when my day has sucked. I know that when I start stressing out and I am no longer just okay that sh*t is about to well and truly hit the fan.

Whenever I think of mental health of both my own and of others I always revert back to the movie ‘The Sweetest Thing’ – great film. If you haven’t seen it, Netflix it. Right. Now. In the film there is a part were Cameron Diaz says something which she immediately backs up with “Just kidding” or “I’m joking”, to which Christina Applegate’s characters call BS on. “People only say just kidding so they can say what they are feeling without being judged”. This is something that always stuck with me from that film (as well as that cool lil jingle in the Chinese restaurant). This is also something I strive to no longer do too. For so long, I would “crack jokes” about how I was feeling and then when I got any sort of reaction and gauged someone cared I would quickly whip out “just kidding” to automatically make myself feel indestructible again. Because no-one other than myself should know I was feeling like sh*t. It was this societal perception that I had become so brain-washed by that saw little ol’ Ez at 16 years of age see that I had to be embarrassed. Because that is what society teaches us right? WRONG! Changing this mindset was what led to me to where I am now. Not physically; as I am currently sitting on the bus on the way home from University. But more so in general. I am no longer working a sh*tty job that paid well but made me feel the size of a peanut (which is hard when you are nearly 6ft tall!). I am no longer tolerating and giving excuses to ‘okay’ things. I’m interested in what my friends and family are doing; not that I wasn’t before but now I am actually listening properly. Sorry mum. I am no longer letting things upset me or allowing myself to be treated like trash. If I had a problem with something or someone, I say it because I am not okay with it.

They say that laughter is the best medicine. And boy oh boy am I lucky that I am a sarcastic b*tch in that case. For me, my entire life is one massive comedy. I use humour like it is my first language and swearing as my second, closely followed by English as my third (Apologies to my grandparents; I am a lady I swear #punny). Right now, I’m good. I had a horrendous two weeks, I cried, I laughed, I had large bursts of rage, I got made, I broke sh*t, I drank, I smoked (BAD!), I cried some more. But the one thing I did? I survived. I made it. The past two weeks sucked but I am here and I am going to make the next fortnight my b*tch. I have a plan. I have everything set out. I know what I have to do. I am just going to do it. And you can too x


Signs that you are in your quarter-life crisis AND that you are totally kicking its butt

A quarter life crisis is a thing. Google it. Well if it isn’t; it is a real thing. Now I’m no doctor but I am assuming it is sort of like menopause? It has a ‘sort of’ age range to it and isn’t distinctly subject to twenty-five year olds. I know people who are in the early and not even twenties who I am almost certain (again, not a doctor) going through theirs. Then there’s people who are blissfully unaware of all the stresses occurring to everyone around them targeting other people in their mid-twenties to late thirties that I am pretty sure have never sweated anything in their lives. But hey that’s cool, each to their own *cue major eyeroll*.

Sign number #1 – You choose an outfit to wear to dinner based on how much food you plan on consuming and how comfortable you want to be afterwards.

Sign number #2 – You weigh up going out on a Saturday night by deciding how many chores are COMPULSORY on Sunday. “Sorry girls, gotta miss wine night but I will drive and be on the waters. I have about three loads of delicate’s I can’t put off tomorrow.”

Sign number #3 – Netflix and chill is legitimately 150% solely Netflix and chill. The mere thought of it being anything else induces the biggest eye roll of all time. Ever.

Sign number #4 – You are single and have NO time for Bumble, Tinder or any other dating app yet complain about being single AND THEN complain that there are no decent guys but give not a single sorry dude any attention. Ever.

Sign number #5 – You would much rather lie and say you’ve got an amazing weekend planned than actually go out and socialize *shudders*

Sign number #6 – The word budget no longer scares you and is incorporated into your weekly chores.

Sign number #7 – Instead of throwing out those paper catalogues / junk mail you receive almost every 20 seconds in the mail, you go through and find the weekly deals and specials and shop accordingly.

Sign number #8 – You know that it is definitely wrong to do something so you don’t do it. Whereas when you were younger you would do it, regret it and then be all “learning curve, lol.”

Sign number #9 – You understand the need for compare websites such as life insurance and health insurance. You utilise health insurance to its full potential such as 2 for 1 glasses, remedial massages and acupuncture.

Sign number #10 – You don’t spend your weekends drinking and ‘wasting’ your life away. You have concocted to-do lists and the top of the lists primarily include washing the car, sugar soaping the walls instead of drinking your body weight in vodka and twerking (attempting to) at a random dingy dark club.

Sign number #11 – You put petrol in your car BEFORE the empty light flashes not just as an emergency to get you from A to B, C, D and then scrape on through to Z.

Sign number #12 You understand that you need to check your oil levels and tyre pressure at regular intervals rather than waiting for the mechanic to do it for you. Yes, I may have only learnt how to do this this week but hey, baby steps.

Although it’d be awesome to be able to be Peter Pan and never age, it is inevitable. At some stage or another we get older, we turn into ‘adults’, we do ‘adult’ things, we *shudders at the thought* may even become the people we always swore we would never become. It is however up to you as to when and how you grow up. But hey, that topic is a blog post in itself.



The One Word You Need to Learn to Never Have a Bad Day Again

Disclaimer – Okay I cannot really promise that. You may have a bad day again; actually you probably will have a bad day again. This word isn’t really going to stop that… BUT I am sure learning it will help nonetheless. I can’t really make too many promises on that one either. Sh*t this may not be too helpful after all….

Listen up kids, I am about to let you in on a (not-so secret) secret. I’m a giver. I always have been. In all aspects of the word, you need something? I am your go to gal. Hell I am pretty sure even if Patricia* (from year six who used to bully me) asked me for a favour, I would do it. The moral of the story is that I used to be giving. Too giving. Being a constant shoulder or set of ears, holy guacamole, is a heavy burden. But now that’s all changed.

*cue sassy clicking from side to side*

Recently I was talking to a friend’s mum who taught me one of THE most valuable life lessons I have ever learnt. Obviously my parents have bestowed infinite wisdom about boys, life, birds and the bee’s blah blah blah, but this, this was nek level wisdom. What’s the word I learnt? Better get out the pen and paper, here’s your warning – it’s a long word, hard to pronounce really. Ready? Okay here we are, the word is…. “no”. Whether it’s relative to going out with friends for brunch, or coffee, or gym, or anything; if you don’t want to do it then use this word. Okay so sometimes you can come across as blunt or rude but if you don’t want to do something you don’t have to do it.

I am the biggest people pleaser. I always have been. Can’t help it. You need a shoulder to lean on, I’m your girl. Wanna get brunch on a Saturday even though I am severely hungover and battling my own demons and don’t want to leave the house, let’s go. I will always have the eggs benedict and the soy cappuccino. Want to talk about how fantastic your life is whilst I am wallowing in self-pity; obviously I am definitely in.

Cue to now, I am (slowly) learning to put myself first. I used to always put others needs before my own. I forgave people for things that occurred because I wanted them to feel okay about whatever happened. I didn’t mind the fact I was left bawling my eyes out for days on end or the mere fact that it may or may not fester away in my insides. I gave too many chances to people who didn’t deserve them because I didn’t want to upset them.  Ultimately, I was giving too much of myself to others, for their benefit. What did I gain? Nothing! Maybe more anxiety and deeper frown lines.

So I learnt how to manage it. You have gotta do what makes YOU happy. No one else. Don’t want to go to brunch with that dude off tinder because you can’t be bothered having a conversation with someone other than your dog OR shaving your legs? Don’t go. Don’t want to go bootcamp on a Saturday morning because you’re tired and you’ve had a big week and may or may not have indulged in one too many glasses of wine the night before? Don’t go. It’s your call, no one elses. Obviously you can’t go saying no to practical things such as work, uni, paying bills and other ‘grown-up’ responsibilities but hey, a gal can dream. My only exception to the ‘no’ rule would be if you get invited to do a twerk class. Go and do it for the love of GAWD. My knees are still in my knee pads and aching and I have established my a*s is non-existent and I cannot twerk to save my life but hey, I went out of my comfort zone and laughed my non-existent as* off.

I have gotten to a stage in my life where if I don’t want to do something then I am not going to. I don’t want to hang out with certain people anymore and that’s okay. I don’t eat meat anymore and that’s okay. I don’t make excuses anymore and pretend I am okay when I’m not and that is more than okay. I don’t make excuses for people being sh*t anymore and that’s okay.

Moral of the story – it is okay to put yourself first. Saying no to things doesn’t make you a horrible person, it makes you honest. And it turns out nan WAS right all along; honesty IS the best policy.

*Her name wasn’t Patricia. Well probably still isn’t. But you get the gist.