Dating in 2018: Compulsory Dating References for Exes?

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be giving a reference, a physical “he is a really great guy” reference, for a man I once dated. But here we are. Yep this legit happened. So sit down and strap yourself in kids, because this story is a dating doozy. You see,Continue reading “Dating in 2018: Compulsory Dating References for Exes?”

My life, my way? No way, Jose.

Your twenties are your years to learn. To figure your sh*t out. To have your ‘AH-HA!’ moment/s. Or so they say. But why is a number, your age, so definitive to your life and its outcome? Why can’t you realise one day that your life is or is not what you want. Irrespective of yourContinue reading “My life, my way? No way, Jose.”

When life gives you lemons, do tequila shots*

When life gives you lemons, it’s usually best to make lemonade. So they say at least. But seriously, what the hell does this saying even mean? When everything turns to sh*t, am I meant to stop ALL my career aspirations and become a soft drink connoisseur? As much as a gal can dream, I don’tContinue reading “When life gives you lemons, do tequila shots*”

Self-Love: Fall in love with yourself and your life

Originally created and posted for Miss Bliss Whole Foods Kitchen here. Contrary to many Instagram posts, to me, self-love doesn’t mean running a bubble bath once a week with a bath bomb I definitely may or may not be able to afford. To me, realising that I already contain what I need for my ownContinue reading “Self-Love: Fall in love with yourself and your life”

New Years’ Resolutions cheat-sheet: instant happiness*

*happiness may or may not be instantaneous Well, it is official, the first month of the new year is almost drawing to a close. It is easy to look back on 2017 and make one simple decision; do we repeat past ways (some may say mistakes), or do we pave new paths for ourselves? UltimatelyContinue reading “New Years’ Resolutions cheat-sheet: instant happiness*”

Single and definitely not going to mingle

There is usually more often than not, one question, you are asked when you are single. It is something along the lines of ‘why are you single?’ or ‘are you out there looking?’ or my personal favourite, ‘there is literally millions of fish in the sea, why aren’t you looking?’ First of all Cheryl, theContinue reading “Single and definitely not going to mingle”