Ask Ez: Q & A – Love Advice

Q – How do I get a guy to be interested in me for more than one date? 

Haha, first of all, why me?! I am literally the worst, THE WORST, person to come to for relationship advice. I have never had a successful relationship except for the one with my parents and even that has been rocky in the past. But sure here goes nothin’…

Unless you would physically like me to call up this dude and ask him point blank, like I have a metaphorical gun to his head, “why didn’t you ask Patricia out a second time you jerk?”, you probably are not going to get your answer. Or on the flip side, if you did, you probably wouldn’t be happy with their response. In all fairness, if the roles were reserved you probably wouldn’t be too keen on letting him know that you that keen on him. BUT JESUS PEOPLE CAN WE START BEING HONEST?!

Don’t worry about that one guy who doesn’t want you back. As my nan always says (constantly reminds me, thanks Nan you the real MVP), there is PLENTY more fish in the sea!


E x