When life gives you lemons, do tequila shots*

When life gives you lemons, it’s usually best to make lemonade. So they say at least. But seriously, what the hell does this saying even mean? When everything turns to sh*t, am I meant to stop ALL my career aspirations and become a soft drink connoisseur? As much as a gal can dream, I don’t think this is what it meant. So in saying this, I would like to think that this phrase is something that we can faze out. Or at least try to do. Instead, lets coin a phrase so uplifting and spiritual, that when you say it you instantly think of the Queer Eye gents jumping up and down screaming, “YASSSS QUEEN.”


You see, this is the life I want to live.

Recently I have had a pretty rough time. Now, do not get me wrong, life is good, life has always been pretty good. There is nothing to categorically label certain situations or periods of time bad to make me feel this way. I have just felt numb, lost and confused AF I would say approximately AT LEAST seventy-five percent of the time for the past two or so months. Obviously, as someone who goes through periods of angst and anxiety, this isn’t something I want to dwell on and definitely don’t try to, but my point is, you have to experience these literal down times to realise how good you have it usually. Focus on the good sh*t and drink your way through the bad sh*t. Just kidding. Or am I?

Personally, when I experience a sh*tty time in my life, I would much rather have an ‘ah-ha, yeah sh*t this sucks’ moment, listen to some Adele, have a cry, and then move on. Yeah, yeah I know. Easier said than done. Trust me, I know it is. But you see when your life takes a turn in any direction, other than what you’ve hoped, prayed, wished etc., it is a lot easier to go looking for blame rather than just dealing with it.

You get fired? Go get drunk. You get dumped? Dye your hair and possibly get a nipple or two pierced (Can vouch that this isn’t the most sensible idea. Or so I’ve heard…). You realise your friendship group isn’t as strong or as click-y as it once was? You passive-aggressively tell them via your social media posts how ‘happy’ you are sans them (cue eyeroll x500). You see, these things as superficial or as earth-shattering and groundbreaking that they potentially are, these things, are just that, things. We need to focus on the things that really matter. Focus your energy onto the good people in your life, the good times in your life, your health, your family, your goals. Get rid of all the negative vibes because at the end of the day, they don’t matter.

Why is it that we notice almost instantly when things are heading bad, or have the potential to go bad but almost run, in the opposite direction to good things? Why is it we are so quick to judge ourselves and berate ourselves when things go badly but don’t celebrate when we have wins, however small they are.

The new week is upon on, focus on the wins. Even if they are so small and tiny and may seem insignificant. Focus on the things that build us up rather than tear us down. Focus on being happy rather than being an emotional wreck who cries because the bag of carrots you picked weren’t the freshest (I wish I had made this up). Focus on you and your happiness. That’s the most important part. Not the carrots.


Xoxo blonde buddha-like girl out.

*Obviously, if you are underage or cannot handle your alcohol (ahem, like me), don’t do shots. Bad life choices. Instant regrets.



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