Signs that you are in your quarter-life crisis AND that you are totally kicking its butt

A quarter life crisis is a thing. Google it. Well if it isn’t; it is a real thing. Now I’m no doctor but I am assuming it is sort of like menopause? It has a ‘sort of’ age range to it and isn’t distinctly subject to twenty-five year olds. I know people who are in the early and not even twenties who I am almost certain (again, not a doctor) going through theirs. Then there’s people who are blissfully unaware of all the stresses occurring to everyone around them targeting other people in their mid-twenties to late thirties that I am pretty sure have never sweated anything in their lives. But hey that’s cool, each to their own *cue major eyeroll*.

Sign number #1 – You choose an outfit to wear to dinner based on how much food you plan on consuming and how comfortable you want to be afterwards.

Sign number #2 – You weigh up going out on a Saturday night by deciding how many chores are COMPULSORY on Sunday. “Sorry girls, gotta miss wine night but I will drive and be on the waters. I have about three loads of delicate’s I can’t put off tomorrow.”

Sign number #3 – Netflix and chill is legitimately 150% solely Netflix and chill. The mere thought of it being anything else induces the biggest eye roll of all time. Ever.

Sign number #4 – You are single and have NO time for Bumble, Tinder or any other dating app yet complain about being single AND THEN complain that there are no decent guys but give not a single sorry dude any attention. Ever.

Sign number #5 – You would much rather lie and say you’ve got an amazing weekend planned than actually go out and socialize *shudders*

Sign number #6 – The word budget no longer scares you and is incorporated into your weekly chores.

Sign number #7 – Instead of throwing out those paper catalogues / junk mail you receive almost every 20 seconds in the mail, you go through and find the weekly deals and specials and shop accordingly.

Sign number #8 – You know that it is definitely wrong to do something so you don’t do it. Whereas when you were younger you would do it, regret it and then be all “learning curve, lol.”

Sign number #9 – You understand the need for compare websites such as life insurance and health insurance. You utilise health insurance to its full potential such as 2 for 1 glasses, remedial massages and acupuncture.

Sign number #10 – You don’t spend your weekends drinking and ‘wasting’ your life away. You have concocted to-do lists and the top of the lists primarily include washing the car, sugar soaping the walls instead of drinking your body weight in vodka and twerking (attempting to) at a random dingy dark club.

Sign number #11 – You put petrol in your car BEFORE the empty light flashes not just as an emergency to get you from A to B, C, D and then scrape on through to Z.

Sign number #12 You understand that you need to check your oil levels and tyre pressure at regular intervals rather than waiting for the mechanic to do it for you. Yes, I may have only learnt how to do this this week but hey, baby steps.

Although it’d be awesome to be able to be Peter Pan and never age, it is inevitable. At some stage or another we get older, we turn into ‘adults’, we do ‘adult’ things, we *shudders at the thought* may even become the people we always swore we would never become. It is however up to you as to when and how you grow up. But hey, that topic is a blog post in itself.