A Memo To All D*ckheads

Other people’s business is not, and never will be, your business. Sorry to break it to you but it isn’t. How someone lives their life is not open to discussion nor interpretation from you; unless they ask for it.

SOOOOOO often in today’s day and age, people are way too judgemental towards people they a) don’t know and b) have opinions on topics they know nothing about.


Let me set the scene for everyone shall I? Let’s use my friend as an example, let’s call her Cheryl. Cheryl recently broke up with her partner. She didn’t post it all over social networking nor did she go out and try and ‘forget’ about her ex-partners’ existence. She just moved the f*ck on. Now Cheryls’ ex-partners ‘mates’ however, let’s call him Patrick did the opposite. His mates have recently decided it’d be a sick idea to try and berate Cheryl and bring her down. This sort of stuff isn’t funny, cool nor necessary. Just shut up and move on. I don’t know, be mature about it, buy a plane ticket, book a boys trip overseas or something. Just leave that person alone.

Then on top of this back and forth BS, there’s the other people weighing in on it constantly. The people who aren’t close enough to be in on the drama / gossip but want to know, so ask either Cheryl or Pat if they’re still together and when someone screams/says politely “no”, they start pressing for answers. The old ‘who, what, where, when and why’, comes into play. People who legitimately have NO need to know your business, now want to know your business. But why? Why do people froth off of knowing that other people are going through a hard time?

On top of the people that are asking all the questions, there are the people who are assuming they know the reasons behind a break-up and have no problem in sharing their theories. These people are more dangerous than a glass of vodka that you mistake for a glass of water when you are hungover. These people are the pinnacle of d*cks as they are the ones who told such and such and then such and such AND THEN brought it up over brunch with Cheryl’s cousin who was then SO surprised when it comes back to said break-up-ee (Cheryl).

Now I can definitely say that I am not one to judge, because far out brussell sprout; we’ve all been there. Of course, sometimes I am privy to hear something and be like god damn, gotta share this, but even I have slowly (but surely) learnt I can’t do this. Why? Because this makes me an even bigger see you next Tuesday than the person who said it. I can honestly say I know things now that even make the hairs on my head curl (when I haven’t put a sh*t load of hairspray and straightened the be-jesus out of it), but I don’t. Keeping my mouth shut on things that a) aren’t any of my business and b) definitely are not any of my business; are things that I should definitely not speak about.

Now whilst I definitely do not condone violence, the adage “talk sh*t, get hit” is definitely relevant. If I hear anyone, and I mean absolutely anyone talking about Cheryl and Patrick and their relationship and how it ended, I will have ZERO hesitation in hitting you with the truth on it and how it is absolutely NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. Because I can guarantee that you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.

So in summary, if it doesn’t concern you, don’t worry about it. Just move on and concentrate on your own life and your own problems. Christ, I am sure you’ve got bigger issues to deal with than why Cheryl and Patrick broke up three months ago.

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  1. Hmm, i’m not sure if i agree on you for this one. Personally when i hear of a break up i don’t try to make it my business or pressure people too much if it doesn’t seem right, but i do want to know the general situation. I like to know if one person has completely screwed another so i know how to treat them and more importantly what to say to that person if I see them face to face. If say Patrick cheated on Cheryl and i know them both personally i’m sure as hell going to have words Patrick to get to the bottom of what happened, because if one friend hurts another needlessly, they probably aren’t someone i’d like to stay friends with. Also sometimes people need someone to tell and not everyone is confident enough within themselves to ask for that.

    However, i do get your point. Gossip and needless prodding into peoples personal lives during hard times is very shit and most of the time does more harm than good. When it’s people who purely want to know the information just to gossip it’s not right. But, i do think it depends on the situation and relationship you have with the person, because you might unknowingly hurt someone’s feelings more purely through ignorance.

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    1. I agree with you Josh. It is definitely a case by case issue. Yes I understand that sometimes it’s plain and simple, black and white even. But more often than not, it isn’t. Especially to the people involved. I think this was more so a ‘fck you’ to the people who are constantly prodding for information yet they don’t actively do anything with it OR on the opposite end of the spectrum, get told someone is hurting, or that they need help and do nothing. Thank you for your feedback though. It is definitely valid x


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