NUDES… now that I have your attention. No really, let’s talk nudes.

I’m just going to come out and say it. Technology – sometimes – can be a REAL b*tch. Yeah it’s all well and good and keeps people together, improves businesses, economy blah blah blah. But when it’s used incorrectly or a simple slip of the finger or button occurs you can really be up shit creek without a paddle. I for example, recently sent a snapchat of myself (ahem, on the toilet) to someone that really I didn’t want anyone to see other than the person it was intended for. So yeah I get it. Probably more so than other people when it comes to the ol’ sent to the wrong person but sheesh full blown frontal p0rno nudes. No thanks.IMG_2184



But I have had acquaintances whose girlfriend has the same name as me (lucky buggers; she sounds great!) and they’ve send me nudes meant for their ‘Erin’ and that sh*t is mortifying. Especially when you get a text from a random number “DO NOT OPEN YOUR SNAPCHAT FROM ME!!!!!”. Well sorry for you buddy, but jokes on you. Um imma open it. So afterwards I naturally  responded with a cute winky face on snapchat. Safe to say they won’t be doing that again.

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT – As a general rule of thumb and just a head’s up fellas ya D’s ain’t pretty. We don’t want a photo of it. Ever. I don’t know if I am speaking for everyone or just myself and my girlfriends but; ever. Not even once. Don’t do it. Don’t need it. It’s nasty.

Another prime example of BS technology traps; recently I was at uni and unsuspectedly plugged my phone into my laptop to charge it. Seems pretty normal. But boy oh boy, it was far from that. Let me set the scene. I was late to my tute, because naturally, of course I have classes at BOTH university campuses and have to ferry between the two. (Yeah my life is awesome). If you know Brisbane traffic you can only imagine how ecstatic I am to drive between both campuses in peak hour traffic. Hence why I am always going to be late to my tute. Since I am an anal retentive OCD individual it is something I am just going to have to get used to being ‘late’. Any-who back to my story. I was late. As everyone avoids the front row like the plague I had a seat front and centre. LUCKY ME!! I plugged in my phone. My photos popped up. Being an assertive and listening student (sometimes) I paid little to no attention on what was on my laptop screen but more so to what my tutor was attempting to teach me at the front of the class. Even though it would have felt like it was hours it was probably thirty seconds but my laptop had ‘interesting’ pictures showing on it. Not of me which of course is less horrifying or mortifying but still, horrifying and mortifying. Now how did I happen to have nudes on my phone that weren’t me? Well let’s just say, I am not too sure why guys find it attractive to send people D.P’s please don’t send it via iMessage so that person can keep it forever to have it pop up on their laptop in front of a group of people that they don’t really know. Send it via snapchat.

All in all, kids, if you wanna send nudes please for the LOVE of whoever you pray to, watch who you are sending them to. Double check before you hit send. Don’t send them by mistake to your old boss or a random guy that you used to work with who you haven’t spoken to in nearly a year.

PLEASE NOTE – I don’t rate sending or receiving nudes. I think it’s reaaaaaaaaaaaally sick. But you do you boo. I ain’t one to judge.


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